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Original Composition: «For VENUS» by Elisabeth Dicker
"Please perform at your own pleasure!"
A composition for piano in D flat major in classical style
Wonderful Comments
by YouTube  Friends
These are few wonderful comments
posted on the video
«For VENUS» by Elisabeth Dicker
from wonderful people from across the World.

Thank you so much Friends
Love, Venus
Liz Dicker:
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a beautiful rendition of my composition!
You really made it a master piece!

My special thanks go also to +Elizabeth Abrantes for having shared one of your posts, which allowed me to meet you!
Yes, He moves in mysterious ways......
Thank you again dear Venus for honouring my composition, and also which is very dear to me, your friendship!
My warmest wishes and love ~ Liz

Classical Jams - Passionate Piano
Venus, this is an absolutely beautiful dedication and composition by our friend +Liz Dicker  to honor you!
This composition embodies all that you are...sweet, inventive, caring, loving, enthusiastic, beautiful, and creative!
I have been lifted right up on wings of song and the video you put together to accompany this heavenly music is simply excellent!!
What a breathtaking production!  BRAVO!  ~Jackie

Voula's music
An excellent composition for you! Good morning my dear Venus! A big hug for you with my love from Greece!!!

one of the channels on youtube where real art has a home!
wonderful now and in 400 hundret years!
big thumbs up

Claudio Alessandri
This is an awesome video for this wonderful composition and dedication!
Another amazing and touching masterpiece you both gave us! Congratulations!
May God bless you always!

Elizabeth Abrantes
Dear Liz, it's a pleasure and a blessing, having you and Venus as my friends here!
You are, already, great artists and together, also share so beautiful productions!
Thanks so much for your heavenly gifts to us, dear Angels!

That's really really beautiful Venus and Liz. Hard to believe your friend just started writing compositions two years ago. I loved it. That
piano has a wonderful sound too. It's really cool how you were able to showcase all your best videos in those two and a half minutes
Venus. You have a tremendous amount of talent and creativity for Pete's sake :))))) I laughed out loud when I saw that sentence by
the way LOL ☮

Geoffrey Belle
Good evening Venus!
Liked the music, liked the composition and definitely liked that beautiful video too! Enjoyed it very much. :-)
Thank you for sharing and well done!
Have a great evening and I wish you all the best.

Jared Brodersen, The Antiquated Poet
You are definitely a free spirit, Venus, waltzing and swirling around in your own beautiful, whimsical land of art and music,
two things that make life matter.  Never heard of Elisabeth Dicker's piano work, but from what I'm hearing it sounds very pleasant,
gentle and nice.  Thank you for sharing this video with us.  Have a blessed week!

*For VENUS*~ truly brilliant music and a perfect video!
You are both wonderful Artists and so beautiful the heart in each of you.
I am watching and breathing the music- and loving the painting Art by Venus; Dear Liz, you had the perfect feeling for Venus Artistic work.
In your composition I see the Art in every single note. How wonderful this piece of music landed in Venus Film.
How lucky I am being able to see, to hear, and to love the creative work.

Hi Venus,  Several forms of art at its best from several artists at their best.  Beautiful upload!   
Fond regards, Phil

Hello Venus.
Beautiful piano interpretation and musical composition. Congratulations !!! Accompanied by a superb film where you have a lot of
paintings and objects of art.. Your Son ...? is a very fine young man like his mom a beautiful, beautiful woman .
I wish you a nice journée. Bisous with all my amitiés. Chico . ♫♫

Charlie Norman
This was absolutely beautiful!  excellent playing and video Venus.

This is such a beautiful video. I wonder who is playing the tune?
Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us, Venus. I love watching your videos.
Well, the weekend is coming and I hope you will have a good one.
Many hugs and much love.
Liz. xoxo

Kumhui Lee
Venus, what a deliciously beautiful music Elisabeth Dicker composed and performed for you! The music illustrates your beauty,
bohemian spirit, and generous heart so wonderfully. You created such beguiling video to match the music, dazzling us with it's various
charms. Pete's amazing effect at 1:31 is a great addition. You are a fantastic painter, a poet, and a film creator. I see that you have a
beautiful son and can see that you love him with all your heart and soul. It's also very sweet to watch you dancing around in joy and
inspiration. I truly enjoyed this enchanting work by both Liz and you.

A wonderful gift from one beautiful soul to another precious soul இڿڰۣ
“Sometimes people are beautiful.
Not in looks.
Not in what they say.
Just in what they are.” ― Markus Zusak

Liz' compositions on artistic poetic videography ~ by Venus
Category: Education
«NEW MOON (April 3, 2015)»
poem by Venus // music by Liz Dicker
«Reflective Thinking (rhyming duet)»
by Venus & Phil // music by Liz Dicker
«Gentle Waltz (vocal duel)»
by Venus & Phil // music by Liz Dicker
«For VENUS» by Elisabeth Dicker
Hello, my name is Elisabeth Dicker, but
everyone calls me Liz!!
I was born in July 1949, and am retired
and happily married. I started to write and
compose my music only since April 2013,
I had not played the piano for over 15
years for various reasons, but in August
2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer,
and after 2 operations I recovered
reasonably well...

My desire to give something back for all
the support I received during my illness
drew me back to the piano, and started
composing... Most of my compositions are
related to my family, places I have visited,
or certain events..... I suppose this makes
me an amateur composer....

Some of my music is for sale on CDBaby,  
and some I would like to share with
whoever likes my music for free download!
I would like to add that my music is Royalty
Free! Thank you for listening!
This composition has been dedicated to a lovely friend I have made on Google+.....She inspired me by seeing
her in her videos, her poems, her poetic comments, her art, and above all her kindness!
She's truly a great artist, and feel honoured that my composition has been received and accepted by her,
and hope that my listeners will also like my composition rightly called 'for VENUS'."
Artist Statement
May we all continue to nurture and support each other and together help grow the unique image of global friendship as a dynamic, creative place we can all live
together, get inspired and create. Thanks for watching and all your wonderful talents and comments you share on line, for a better future and a world of Peace!
I am deeply honored, so surprised, so pleased and humbled to receive and
accept this majestic Honor! The most beautiful composition ever and yes, it’s not
“Für Elise” ~ it’s “For Venus” :))

The sound is so beautiful: the childish.. then gentle.. then rough... energetic…
theatrical.. then so calm… ethereal... all in one…so me!!!
And the title, strikingly artistic, crowns the musical notation, with an elegant (f)
like I’ve never noticed before; like a thin layer of female softness next to (my
name) in capitals symbolizing strength within...Oh, what a beautiful work of art!
I am thrilled to have inspired this beautiful music:
It’s breezy, fresh, invigorating, enchanting, it is majestic!

In her copyright statement, Liz, writes: "For Venus: A composition in D flat major
dedicated to a lovely friend...." Who says, you have to be famous to be granted a
magical honor such as this, by an amazing, soulful composer and on-line friend
who writes and plays from her heart!
I feel deeply touched to tears but I’m smiling ever since!

I am pleased to share it with you (in my video) through scenes from the roads I
travel by and were viewed on youtube by Liz, so you see what was it about me  as
an artist, poet, writer and my video productions and photography that have
inspired Liz to write this beautiful music with a charming advice on her musical
notation: "Please perform at your own pleasure!"

Indeed, what a gift from a brilliant composer!
Yet, Liz, personally thinks that she’s only God’s instrument…
In such case then, what a Majestic Honor it is for me!
I am grateful and do not take it for granted!!

Dear Liz ~ Thank you from the bottom of my heart ((♥♪))
God ~ if you’re reading this: Love You இڿڰۣ

More of Liz' beautiful music you can enjoy on:
I also post some of my compositions on Youtube
The Mystique of Composition
Mystical means something divine that transcends human understanding... At this moment, it feels as if the art brushes are so excited
trying to read between the bars filled with beautiful notes and elegant arpeggio signs «For VENUS» by Elisabeth Dicker