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How I Create

I believe
we're in charge of ourselves
I command my hand
to invade canvas or paper

My senses experience
warm, hot, wet
and occasionally freezing
seasonal sensation

Spiritual it is, too
I connect my brain
my body and my mind
to give life to a story

That may one day catch
someone’s eye
reach someone’s ear
touch someone’s heart
and live through other’s mind.

For a virtue and a gift that is
to humanity
To be able to create
and inspire.
"Tease": oil on canvas
Below are two beautiful artworks I've created
and then presented the whole painting process on YouTube for global community to enjoy
You can enlarge videos to full screen to watch; also a quick view of the art process is given via photos below
Besides painting, I have filmed the whole process myself, taken photos and edited video production
ARTISTIC COMPARISON // Category: Education
Jo Salmoretti's  Dream
Art, Photography & Video Production: by VENUS
Music: by Yiling Huang
2011: (( 1 )) YouTube Honors
Jo Salmoretti's Dream
Jo sitted singing 'Beautiful Dawn'
2011 pastel: 16" x 20" inch
(process of painting: 2 weeks)
"I am touched beyond words Venus.......
tears run down my face as I type this
comment... I am amazed at your vision.......
and humbled by your friendship,
you are extraordinary artist and I am so
grateful to have you as a friend and for
making my dream come true here.

There will only ever be but one, this one......
I shall treasure this until my last breath
on earth.
♥ (( 143 ))

JoAnn Marie Salmoretti
SirKeyMaster's  Passion
Art, Photography & Video Production: by VENUS
Music played: by SirKeyMaster
2011: (( 64 )) YouTube Honors
SirKeyMaster's Passion
Michael sitted playing piano
2011 pastel: 20" x 25" inch
(process of painting: 3 weeks)
"Venus, my family was blown away
by the portrait as am I.
My mother especially was taken by it and
she is not easy to please.
I'm so impressed with the way you matched
the drama, rise and fall of the music
with your artistic process. So amazing...

I feel so honored to be the subject
of your talents. Thank you for investing
so much time in creating this work of art,
it truly is a masterpiece.

* * * * *