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Venera Lokaj-Smit
Kosovar Abstract Artist  

People often ask Arjeta how she decided to become an
artist: "It comes naturally," she responds smiling.

"It's a part of my roots and runs through my veins.
Even my grand parents and their parents were artists of
their time. For a living they created different shapes and
forms of wooden tools, for decorative and functional
purposes. It goes without saying that best support I got
from my mom and dad, both artists. They'd always
compliment my work even if it was but an abstract sketch,
sometimes visually making not much sense to ordinary
eyes... I love abstract art - it speaks to me!"

Arjeta Lokaj is my lovely sister.
It is my pleasure to post some of her beautiful abstract
paintings and computer design compositions for all to
enjoy. Her pastel artworks sparkle beautiful colors,
compositions, freedom of forms, shapes and her
abstract way of thinking.
* * * * *