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Unveiling the story behind the Portrait of Andy ( Herdis Anderson Parish )
I weep to see you
Black and white
What will future hold

Seeking Eyes
Fiery nature
Absolute love
Between the books
The scent of longing

Forget Vermeer
And Da Vinci
The time of Sfumato
is gone

Cheers to colorful Andy
And the Lines
The story lies there.
«Portrait of Andy»
finger touch and blend
Touched by Don's words that his mother, Herdis Anderson Parish, known as Andy, died before the age of
digital photos and captivated by the emotion within the photo, I had a wish to try and create a portrait of Andy
in color / Rembrandt pastel, although quite aware that the portrait I'll create will look different from the photo
to the left. The left black and white photo shown above clearly depicts Andy's hair and eyes to be brown.
But that was not the case, according to her son. Her hair was actually blond and her eyes were blue.
With Don's helpful description I managed to portray a poetic version of a young lady with an old soul, dark
blond hair and blue  hazel eyes, determined to walk against the wind...

What I wanted to capture is determination therefore I asked for another photo of her from later on in life,
the photo to the right... There I saw tenderness. So, I created the Portrait of Andy by combining the best of
two photos: determination from the left and tenderness from the right photo... I imagined, and added a
bookshelf to symbolize the source of such personality in a human being, graduation thereof.

I diminished what photographer captured - Incitement, and gave voice to the quietude of her story.

* * * * *
Don Parrish is a Top Ten member of (MTP), and was ranked # 5 in the world
at the end of 2010 according to his website

* * * * *
"I think Venus has done a remarkable job of expressing my mother's quiet determination,
and showing the power of art over photography. I wish my mother was alive to see her painting..."

Don Parrish
The Story behind the Portrait of Andy
" It is 1932 and she is graduating from a small town in Iowa. It is the time of the great depression in America - what will future hold for her, "
wrote her son, Don Parrish, when I asked him when the photo was taken.