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by VENUS: February 17, 2017

45 sketches of women weeping as they simply, truly, utterly, genuinely reject the man-elect to
become the President of the United States. Though often tears are a result of race, ethnicity and
background, the ones I portrayed seem to be a clear result of horror!

Although in their photos, all these beautiful women of America show to be of different race,
ethnicity and background, I sketched them all in blue, because their sadness and tears are clear:
And even if they not quite agree with the woman running for President, they genuinely reject the man-elect.
With much integrity 45 sketches express disgust and loathing from November 8, 2016!
Often humans are judged as pretenders with crocodile tears, but it's more difficult if not impossible to make an art sketch pretend.
And when women in America look horrified, not much hope is left for other women across the globe.

American democracy should be about choices:
NONE OF THE ABOVE should have been among the choices for the people, so citizens of America voice their feelings, opinions
and beliefs in peace. Because of forced choice, so to speak, protests now across the country continue in the streets, sadly turning
violent too. These women do not look like politicians to me, they look like horrified human beings; they do not want to be
represented nor lead by a man who openly promotes power to sexually assault girls, hence heartbreaking horrid expressions of
weep! A woman is a compassionate caregiver, a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter for God’s sake!

To the 'Heart of Courage' composer - BRAVO!
What a brilliant artist of a masterpiece!
photo ©by VENUS
Authentic *Revelation at 1:11 in the video ©by VENUS
45 SKETCHES: A Sad Day in America - Women Weep
45 Sketches / video production ©by VENUS
From a sad day, the only way for Tuesday to turn into a happy day, is if someone has enough balls to throw: You’re Fired!

At the federal level, Article II of the United States Constitution states in Section 4 that:
"The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on
Impeachment for, and conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors."
Most likely why the female candidate wasn't considered eligible due to e-mails and all the rest brought forth.
Abuse of power and intimidation is within High Crimes and Misdemeanors
, and it is why the male candidate is Not eligible:

"Grab'em by the pussy. You can do anything. When you are a star they let you do it."
American President is a star. Thus, with such mentality of intimidation and abuse of power, the man elect that made such public
statement, should have never been picked, chosen, nor elected. The ladies I painted may not know the constitution and rights they
truly have as American Citizens, if so, to protest differently, but one thing is visible for sure, they genuinely feel disgusted
by the man-elect to be the President of the United States and naturally protest in tears.

Such weep through my art reveals a sense of horror, brings forth disturbing revelation and announces The Power of God!

Two Steps From Hell © INVINCIBLE
 Heart of Courage

45 Sketches by VENUS
Conté A Paris Pastel Pencil: Light Blue
(1 pencil = 45 sketches)

A Sad Day in America: Women Weep!

* * * * *
VIDEO YT Category: Education
Published: November 13, 2016
In Downtown Phoenix, every evening St.Mary’s
Basilica in silence glows. And as it projects peace,
Chase Tower next to St.Mary’s with the American
flag beautifully flying in the air projects freedom.
Americans are free to elect but also reject
(refuse to accept).

With enchanting lights, though not December,
around here feels like Christmas in November!

A sense of hope that someone out there will pay
attention to genuine tears and weeping with
integrity across our nation.
*Revelation: the divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence or the world (Oxford Dictionaries)