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by MOSES / simplified by VENUS
American / Kosovar version
English / Albanian language
February 25, 2017

This is a sequel to « DUET: When Jesus Met Venus »
I do find Ten Commandments to be simple, honorable and utterly Godly.
Not cold, rather warm, as warm as these ten candles I have painted and don't know why ten!
Ten Commandments are brought forth to humanity through Moses – once upon a time.
I feel deep respect for the tone of voice used within the words in Ten Commandments.
The tone is profound, calm, even, and authoritative.

10 Commandments is a literary dialogue, in my video, through stream of consciousness, known as interior monologue.
It's a conversational exchange in a theatrical fashion between portraits of The Shroud of Turin, Jesus and Venus (self-portrait) I painted.
But here I went little further, beyond Jesus and Venus, by entrusting the role to the Shroud of Turin to play the face and the voice of God;
and He truly did it and He did it - His way - by working with Me to simplify and bring forth, again, the Ten Commandments.

There’s no other face on this Earth that could stand behind the Ten Commandments without moving an eyelash in such brilliant fashion.
His performance here though just a portrait - is epic! The Shroud of Turin is truly an ancient, heroic and legendary figure many believe to
be the face of God.

To smoothen the edges of theatrics a little bit, I added a hint of love and passion - the vail. For truly, I say to you, regardless of the strategy
of action that is so visible within myself, family and friend’s portraits I included in the video below, with the two beautiful musical tracks by
Kevin MacLeod and Christopher Dallo, no matter the day, the time, trying to reach God - is worth it.

Like many others, it is what I've been trying to do through my art.

I choose to believe, that whether God chooses to be seen or not, it’s worth it to be able to follow these rules and so beautiful to live by, but
then the world would have to be totally peaceful, truthful and just.

Below is my reciting of ten commandments / my voice then switched into deeper sound reaching male intonation in role playing Lord thy
God & Jesus.
«Tribute in Blue»  oil on canvas  © by VENUS
* SATURN - planet named after the Roman God of Agriculture
* VENUS - planet named after Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty

Friday = Venus Day
Saturday = Saturn Day
Sunday= Sun Day